Vendor Registration

Welcome to VARJ Conference Vendor Registration.  Please use the registration forms below to reserve your booth and sponsor social events.

The following documents and forms are provided for your information:

Booth Registration:

Please select your booth requests below including internet and electrical options, if needed.  On the registration form, please be sure to enter the names of all conference attendees from your company that will need a badge.

Registration ends: Friday 07/31/20 11:59 pm


Social Event Sponsorship:

Social Event Sponsorships and the maximum sponsorship amounts are listed below.  Each event may be sponsored by more than one vendor, with each sponsoring vendor paying a share of the total cost.

To find out which events/amounts are still available, and arrange to sponsor one of these events, please notify Miriam Beard at to specify which special event you would like to sponsor or co-sponsor.

Contributions of $2,600 or more includes your booth registration fee.

Once you have arranged a sponsorship, please return here and use this link to pay using PayPal and your credit card.

Event Total Amt. Payment Link
President’s Luncheon $12,000 Pay Fee
Vendor’s Reception $13,800 Pay Fee
Employee Appreciation Social $13,600 Pay Fee
Continental Breakfast on 3/18/20 $2,600 Pay Fee
Continental Breakfast on 3/19/20 $2,600 Pay Fee
Pistol Tournament $2,500 Pay Fee
Golf Tournament $5,000 Pay Fee
Golf Hole Sponsor (includes sign) $200 Pay Fee
Box Lunches $5,500 Pay Fee


Conference Schedule

August 3-7, 2020.  See the complete schedule on the main Conference Page.